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Sep 22



How much is garage door repair cost

How Much is Garage Door Repair Cost? Garage Door Repair Cost Introduction: All garage doors need to be repaired after a while. Whenever your garage door starts acting weird then your mind immediately shifts toward how much it will gonna cost me in garage door repair. Well the answer to that question depends on what has gone wrong in your door and to what extent the repair/replacement is required.


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The repair cost also depends upon the company that is going to fix your garage door. What if you DIY it? Some people like to take the DIY route. It may deem a sensible and practical decision because you no longer have to pay the service and labor cost. But it is risky as well. If anything goes wrong in the repair, then you will damage the garage door rather than repairing it. And you will still have to pay for the tools and parts that need to be replaced in your garage door. How much does it cost to have the garage door serviced? If you are asking how much you have to pay for servicing your garage door then the average cost of garage door repair is around 223 dollars. This price is not fixed and it depends upon the multiple factors which are mentioned as follow: Broken garage door spring: The garage door spring repair costs between 50 dollars to 100 dollars.

This cost does not include any labor changes. If you want a professional to repair the garage door spring then the cost will be from 200 to 300 dollars. Damaged cable: If your cable has broken or worn out and it is needed to be replaced then the replacement cost will be around 150 to 200 dollars. The garage door cables are inexpensive and the only price you have to pay in for services and replacement done by professionals. How much to fix the opener: The repairing cost of garage door opener depends upon how bad it has gone.

The average cost of garage door opener repair is around 100 dollars. And this also includes the repair of a remote that is used to open or close the garage door. Broken glass cost: The estimated cost of fixing the glass panel in your door professionally costs around 75 dollars while the glass itself costs as little as 25 dollars. Sensors are not aligned: If your door does not close properly then this means your sensors are not aligned. This can be fixed by a professional for around 50 to 75 dollars unless you can do it yourself. Track problems: If you are facing track problems then it can be solved by a professional in 150 to 200 dollars. A professional has tools that can bend a trackback and bring it back into the original shape. Noisy door:


This is a task you can do yourself. If your garage door is making squeaking, screeching, or grinding noises then add lubricant at springs, rollers, or cable drum. It will help prevent noise. If the noise still does not stop then clean the debris of your tracks. Does repairing cost differ for different garage door styles? Yes, the cost for every style is different from each other. Such as: For sectional style doors you have to pay 120 dollars on average for the repairing. For carriage style doors, you have to pay around 130 dollars on average for repairing. And for one panel door, the repairing cost is 175 dollars on average. Does repairing cost differ with material as well? The price of servicing also differs from material to material. Such as: Wood is the most expensive material to repair.

The average repairing cost of wood is 190 to 220 dollars which also includes the painting cost of wood. Since wood comes in various types, the actual price of repairing will depend upon the quality of wood. Aluminum doors are second most expensive to repair as it is rust resistant and perfect for coastal areas. The average repairing cost of aluminum is around 170 dollars to 200 dollars. Steel doors are strong and can withstand a lot but they still can get rusted. So, their repair cost is around 130 to 150 dollars. Fiber glass is heat resistant and strong hence the repairing cost of fiberglass is around 160 dollars. How much does it cost to replace a garage door opener remote? A garage door opener usually comes with two remote. But in case you lose both or one gets lost and the other does not work then the replacement cost of the remote will be around 20 to 30 dollars. While the replacement of the garage door opener keypad will cost you around 30 to 60 dollars.


How to avoid harming yourself while repairing? If you are trying to save extra cost of repairing by doing it yourself then make sure you are following all the steps and have correct tools for it. The cable replacement is although an easy task to perform but if you do not remove tension from the spring then it will snap open and cut your entire arm off. Some set of rules and instructions should be followed at any cost. You should not try to replace the spring on your own. It is a high tension part and it can only be repaired by a professional. Unless you are a professional then you should stay away from this job. Conclusion: The repair and replacement do not cost you much if you detect the problem in the beginning. But when the problem is not addressed for a long time then it costs you a lot of money. If you are not confident in performing the task then search for garage door repair near me and you will find plenty of options. Although it is suggested to repair your garage door from the same company that has installed the unit.


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