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Garage Storage Solutions

Jul 28

Cubby boxes

A cubby box is a small, movable storage cube that can be used as organizational or decorative storage. You can use them to store keys, office supplies, mail, or anything else you don’t want lying around your house.

A cubby box makes sense if you are looking for easy-to-access storage without going out of your way to buy a large organizer system.

They can work in any room with a door leading into the corresponding closet space. When stored together, only the items they contain need to be moved.

And when they’re not being used, they take up very little space taking priority spaces elsewhere in the house.

Cubby boxes can be put away quickly when not in use, which may alleviate clutter. They also provide good options for organizing often-used things such as pens and markers, while still allowing other necessary items to remain near their respective places.


Closet racks


Back when I lived in my first apartment,I couldn’t fit everything into the closet, so I stored some of my more frequently used tools on one of those collapsible clothes rods you can buy at home improvement stores.

My tools were always very messy, however, as I usually kept whatever I was using that day. It also wasn’t easy to get access to them if I needed something early in the process.

Later on, I moved from the apartment and got my own house, but even then I didn’t really organize my tools. The building owner told me I should sell all my things (we were going to rent the place out separately), so I decided to do that.

But before I could do that, I need to clean up pretty bad. So I recruited my brother, who is almost single-handedly responsible for wrecking our family relations because he’s an organizational ninja.

He took aside what little storage space I had left, and started taking stuff away from it. He and his wife did this with every bit of space we have, and before long there was nothing left to reorganize.


Roll-away racks

When you go to sell something, be it an item or yourself into someone else’s home, they are likely to ask why. One reason is that they want to know if you would leave them a rack such as rotary phone, microwave, computer, etc.

There are many reasons this might happen. However, most of the time, people do not really need to have one of these things for your residence. By having several sets of these items, you can also offer them at a discount.

These types of racks are easy to pack up and then unpack once in their new location. You can find roll-away tables, desks, and cabinets that stack neatly and compactly when they're back again here!


Vacuum racks

garage storage solutions


One of the oldest ways to store things is by using plastic bins or baskets for vacuuming. While this can work as a handy way to store smaller items, it can get crowded after time.

The best option is to use one pair of wire rack hooks to hold up several vacuum bags. Place different sizes in each bag so you don’t fill your cabinets with too many boxes.

Put cloth pads around the base and hang them where they will be easy to grab. Use clear coverings over the handles and light colors (like yellow) that are hard to see.

This makes the storage easier when cleaning out the house and filling the bin, and you have all the parts in 1 place.

These can cost anywhere from $5-20 at any home improvement stores. It depends how much space you need saved.


Waste bins

Empty waste baskets into old plastic food storage containers or use whole garbage bags to hold clutter.

If you have another space that needs organization, perhaps your basement or attic, take a look at what they contain and see if there are any ways you could bring them up from the ground level (such as through the door) so you can organize whatever is down there.

This way you’ll be able to put everything away quickly and easily.

You also want to consider whether all these extra things are really necessary. Are all those action figures going to find a new home somewhere? Is someone else going to throw them out? If not, maybe it’s time to let them go.

It’s hard to part with things we love, especially things we've built up over years -- but if no one else is around to care about them, why should we?

Consider having a garage sale or a trash bin yard sale. You try to get as much stuff as you can before you sell the house.

But don’t wait until you think you’re running low on money or you actually need the room for something else! Would selling some junk come in handy? For example, have a glance at how many lawn mower batteries or sets of batteries you could potentially buy. Or would building up a couple of tools become enough of an incentive to do a larger project? 


garage storage solutions


Storage bins

There are many ways to store things like car parts, tools, workbench supplies, and other items that need to be kept together.

Garage storage bins can help with this problem. These are often metal containers designed to hold materials such as sand or cement. They can also be made for holding goods like books. Some companies sell pre-made garage storage bins similar to how you’d buy detergent in a bag.

However, it is easier to make your own bin by pouring any material into a plastic food container. You can put each item onto a separate level inside the box to make garage organization easy.

The only thing necessary about making your own bin is having access to measuring cups to measure stuff and a scissor to cut boxes. Any kind of cardboard container will work, but the bigger the better (as long as it doesn’t take up an entire wall).

A welder bucket works great for this. So do old laundry baskets.


Paper towel holders

A container of paper towels is always one of the first items to sell at any garage sale. People are always looking for ways to organize their things, so this seems like an obvious choice.

However, people usually don’t think about buying used containers from home supplies until their last chance. All you need to do is put some plastic wrap around your lid and let it sit for a few days.

When selling time comes, just take off the cover and offer the contents for purchase. You can even give new life by putting all original material in the box and replacing what you have with sheets of wrapping paper.

This way, customers not only get to buy a used container but they also get to own a piece of industrial design history. After all, who doesn’t want both?