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Garage Cabinets & Shelves Mounting

Jun 6

Typical garage cabinets often employ kitchen cabinet dimensions because of the inclusion of both base cabinets and wall-mounted storage units in these standards.

If you buy new or used storage cabinets, you'll almost certainly get kitchen cabinet sizes, even if they're for your garage. Putting cabinet units in your garage requires careful consideration of how and where they'll be attached to the floor and ceiling.


Dimensions Of The Mounting Structure

Garage and kitchen cabinet mounting heights are typically 96 inches from floor to cabinet top; this is the standard. As with regular kitchen cabinets, you may reach the upper shelves by rising on your tiptoes or using a chair or stool. It's also at this height that the cabinet's top surface and the ceiling may be ventilated properly.


Dimensions Of The Cabinet

The garage cabinet mounting height is governed by the cabinet's dimensions.. At 12 inches deep and 30 inches tall, a cabinet may be installed at the recommended mounting depth of 96". If the bottom of the cabinet interferes with your parking space, a higher mounting height may be required for a taller cabinet.. Depending on the number of doors, the width of a garage cabinet can range from 15 to 48 inches..


Taking Into Account Garage Cabinets

When deciding on a mounting location, make sure to survey the area thoroughly before beginning any drilling. To avoid damaging the cabinets, make sure your car fits through the doorways of the garage before you start your engine and leave. To avoid damaging your vehicle's ski or kayak rack, make sure that cabinet units positioned above the car's height do not come into contact with your vehicle.


Putting Cabinets In The Garage

To avoid damage to your car or other items in your garage if your wooden garage cabinets and shelves fall apart, make sure they are firmly fastened to the wall. If necessary, locate the garage's wooden beams. In order to locate the walls' framing posts, utilize a wall stud to locate the posts. Install your cabinets using these construction studs and beams, which give the cabinets more strength and allow them to hold more weight. Fractured walls and cabinet dismounting can occur if it is attached to the wall without the use of wall studs.


Capacitor For Dripping

  • Garage cabinets are often constructed using normal kitchen cabinet dimensions since they feature base cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets.
  • When purchasing new or secondhand storage cabinets, you are likely to get the standard kitchen cabinet sizes, even if the cabinets are for your garage.
  • It's also at this height that the cabinet's top surface and the ceiling may be ventilated properly.
  • As you enter and exit the garage, be sure your car isn't going to scuff or damage the cupboards.