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Apr 20

There are many suggestions available on the internet about how to create a resume. These suggestions are often based on opinions. There are many ways to design your resume. Employers will notice you if you have a secret weapon in the hospitality industry. Keep reading if your resume isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

To get noticed, add this one thing to your Hospitality Resume

To grab the attention of hiring managers, include a brief summary of your resume at the top. Your resume summary should be concise and succinct. It is an excellent way to grab the attention of hiring mangers. A well-written resume summary is the best way to stand out from the rest of the applicants for a job. These are some tips to help you use this "secret weapon” to your advantage.

How to create a resume summary

A resume summary provides a concise overview of your professional skills. This is a type of elevator pitch that aims to grab the attention of hiring managers. Hiring managers will naturally be drawn to the most compelling summaries.

A summary of your resume is not the same as an objective. Your objectives are about your job search goals. It is unnecessary to say, for example, "I am seeking a position in restaurant management to improve my skills in the hospitality industry."

A resume summary, unlike your objectives, emphasizes the skills and experience you have to offer the job you are applying for. It also addresses the employer's concerns. Instead, use something like this: "I am a well-organized restaurant manager with five year's experience managing a busy five star fine dining establishment."

A summary of your qualifications should be included in your resume. This section is often missing in most resumes, especially in the hospitality industry. It immediately grabs attention from hiring managers. This is precisely what makes it a powerful tool. This is the ideal summary for a resume:

Here are some highlights of the skills that you bring to your job.

Do not exceed two to three sentences

Tailored to the job you are applying for

After you have created your resume, the summary should be written. This summary should be used to describe your strengths and tell the world who you are as a professional. How can you pinpoint your top skills when hospitality workers have many skills? These are the most important skills you should highlight in your resume and career summary.

The Best Hospitality Skills to Use in Your Resume

Although every position in hospitality requires certain skills, there are some skills you can transfer that will be of great benefit to your resume.

You have demonstrated communication skills with customers, staff, and vendors in the hospitality industry.

For a more efficient service organization, teamwork skills are essential.

You have interpersonal skills that show you are able to get along with your colleagues, no matter if they are managers or front-line workers.

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